• Organise your shelving space with bin boxes

    Organise your shelving space with bin boxes

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Bin Boxes

Bin boxes are plastic or cardboard open top containers that are ideal for organising your shelving space into compartments to neatly store groups of items that are easily accessible. Our Bin Boxes come in an array of sizes to suit your needs.

Econo Bin Boxes

Econorack manufactures and supplies cardboard bin boxes called the Econo Bin Box. It is an ideal addition to organise your shelving system. It is a small part or accessory storage box to maximise your nuts and bolts shelving system. They are manufactured to the width of your shelf ie. 305, 381, 457 and 610mm.

Sold in bundles of 50.

Colours: Plain Cardboard or white finish (No wax finish available)

**White bins are made to order and are not a stock item.

Cardboard Bins:

Available in 11 different sizes.


Plastic Bin Boxes With Panel

Ideal for small part storage and workshops. 

Bin boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit the panel that fits directly to the wall.

Panels also vary in size to accommodate your requirements.

The Bin Boxes are also sold individually as apposed to with the mounting panel.

Plastic Bins:

Standard colour: Black.

Colours available: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, white, clear. (Pink Available for the Cancer Pink Drive)  

Stackable, can be cliped on a panel or free standing on a shelving unit.


Colours: Grey or Teal (Blue)

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